Carried Away – Novo jogo que permite que sejas um designer de estâncias de ski

If building a low-poly winter wonderland is your idea of a good time, you can look forward to the October release of Carried Away, a physics-based simulation that lets you construct ski lifts, jumps and bridges. reports it will also inject  physics-based puzzles into gameplay.

“Your budget is limited, but your imagination is not. Lure in unsuspecting members of the public and strap them in for the ride of their lives across exciting 50 levels. Mountains are procedurally generated to keep gameplay fresh and varied, and a sizable campaign promises for hours of entertainment and screaming guests. Access the stage editor to customize your creations to perfection, and then share your visions with the Carried Away community online. Carried Away is slated to release in October for Windows, Mac and Linux. It will be available as an early access title before its official launch summertime next year.”

Here is a preview of game play:

“Design and build ski lifts, jumps and bridges in this physics based sandbox. Carried Away flips the classic bridge building genre upside down to create entirely new challenges! Watch with amusement as the fearless passengers put your creations to the test.”   

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